"How Did This Happen : A non-profit with 98% government Funding becomes a > $500,000,000.00 Behemoth in East Oakland, with a private for profit Company Using Community Economic Devaluement. (CEDval)

Where is the Public Versionof 2016~2017(2016FY),This is common sleight of hand for the Unity Council. THIS IS NOT AN "clerical" ERROR. LOOK AT IT. "Res Ipsa Locquitor" In fact, there should be at least 10 returns, from at least 10 subordinate Companies that are Used to Hide Assets(Loans to / from adjacent Years, while creating tax shelters for "Family" members. Why does a Non Profit Corporation go through so much Trouble, When basically all you do is have to expense? Also Notice the different Yearly Filings by Different Financial People.  *****Lack of Transparency. The Misuse of $3,050,000.00 loan for use of Room Public paid to build for Their "Parties". Let alone it was prepaid 7 Years in advance of it's 2023~2057, 25Year Term of Loan. This was not for a Affordable Housing Project, as it was Legislated.... it ended up "To Strengthen the Financial Position of The Unity Council". The Loan purpose was a FRAUD in it's conception.

You wonder Why Oakland has Financial Issues?

The Following should be available Easily on same Financial Page at the Financials – The Unity Council Website

Fruitvale Development Co
Las Bougainvilleas
Posadas De Clores
Posadas LP
Details of Transactions for $40,000,000.00 for R&R Posadas de Colores Renovation
Casitas of Hayward
Peralta Service Corporation
Details of Fruitvale Village II-A LLP (Developers).
Fruitvale Village LP 
1921 35Ave LP
2000 35th Ave LP
2022 36th Ave LP
2700 International LP
Rosewood Manor LP
Lorin Station LP
Fruitvale Public Market LP

Dedicated to the Memory of Sanjiv Handa. Who's work was incomplete.